USA “Morning Star”

According to ancient legend, Morning Star was the son of the Sun who took on human form and visited the earth many years ago to bring knowledge and wisdom to the human race. Today, the Morning Star continues to symbolize not only wisdom and knowledge but also truth, strength and virtue. With this in mind, Gary Fields founded a Native American performing group in 1982 and named it after the ancient legend.

Based in Utah County, Morning Star performs various Native American dances ranging from the exciting Plains Fancy Dance to the serious Sioux Sneak Attack Dance, the humorous Mohawk Partridge Courting Dance and the thrilling and popular Hoop Dance. The dancers’ colorful costumes are authentic and represent the Chemehuevi, Cree, Hopi, Lakota Sioux, Navajo, Ojibay and Yakima nations. Morning Star has performed in more than 30 countries and has been an annual participant at the World Folkfest since the festival’s beginning.