Switzerland “La Farandole de Courtepin”

The folk dance group La Farandole de Courtepin is made up of young dancers and musicians with an average age of 23. The group includes about 30 dancers, a brass band of 10 musicians, alphorn players and flag swingers.

La Farandole de Courtepin was founded in Courtepin, a municipality in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland, in 1938 by Mrs. Hermine Renz. Initially, it was meant for young girls of the home economics school to learn how to make traditional costumes. Popular dances then started being taught and men joined the group. In 1950, La Farandole de Courtepin took part in its first festival abroad in Nice, France. Over the years, the dance repertoire expanded, the members multiplied, the performances became more frequent and the group made its name in the world of Swiss folk dance.

La Farandole de Courtepin aims to share the traditional dances and customs of the region of Fribourg both locally and abroad. It also seeks to familiarize young people with folk dance and traditions. The values of the group are youth, open-mindedness, sharing, commitment, respect of traditions and innovation. The dance group wears the local folk costumes of the canton of Fribourg. The group’s region, which lies at the border of the French and German cultures, is the source of the large diversity of its repertoire.

The group is very active during the year and takes part in numerous events in Switzerland and abroad. In Switzerland, it gets involved in the social life of its home town and carries out actions like the organization of town events, the introduction of dance to teenagers and the presentation of shows for children. Each year, the group actively participates by volunteering at the CIOFF International Folk Festival of Fribourg. Furthermore, it is appointed by companies and clubs all year long to liven up events with its dances, music and costumes. Each year, it takes part in folk festivals all around the world from small events in neighboring countries to famous events overseas. Abroad, La Farandole de Courtepin acts as an ambassador for Switzerland in order to share its traditions and culture.