Peru “Soy del Perú Señor”

The members of Soy del Perú Señor come from Santísimo Nombre de Jesus High School in Lima, Peru. Lima is the largest city in Peru and the country’s capital city. With a population of more than 10 million, Lima is the second-largest city in South America behind Sao Paulo, Brazil. Strongly influenced by the European, Andean, African and Asian cultures, Lima is a melting pot due to colonization, immigration and indigenous influences.

Soy del Perú Señor is a 13-time National School Folklore Champion in Peru and has represented Peru in foreign countries including France, Spain, Panama, Brazil and Paraguay.

The mission of the group is the generation, cultivation, transmission and integration of Peruvian dance in all its manifestations and forms as well as the present and future preservation of the country’s folklore. It works to obtain recognition at the national and international level of the richness and diversity of Peruvian folklore.

Its artistic directors work to train their dancers at the highest level possible and many of their dancers have been recognized for their skill at national and international championships. Based on its outstanding performances, Soy del Perú Señor was the first school institution to officially represent the country of Peru abroad.