Mongolia – Yazguur Ayalgoo

Yazguur Ayalgoo or Nature Melody is a Mongolian group that features a tssur flute and an epic barder.  The barder utilizes throat singing which is complimented by the tsuur flute.  Mongolian throat singing is a variant of overtone singing where the performer produces a fundamental pitch and simultaneously produces one or more pitches over that fundamental pitch.  The singing is said to imitate the sounds of nature. The Tsuur flute is an end blown flute that contains a limited amount of fingering holes.  The blowing technique utilizes the teeth, tongue and lips.  The Tsuur is usually immersed in water before playing in order to seal any leaks in the wood.  The melodies played on the Tsuur usually mimic sounds of nature.   With the Tsuur and throat singing combined in performance the musicians are able to more fully create melodies found in nature.