Indonesia “Nona Asri”

Indonesia is located in southeast Asia and is made up of thousands of volcanic islands. It is home to hundreds of different ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures. The jungles of Indonesia is the native home of many various forms of wildlife including Komodo Dragons, Tigers, Orangutans and Elephants.

Nona Asri

The World Folkfest stage is proud to welcome Nona Asri, the performing group from Indonesia. Nona Asri has performed on many international stages including South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Italy, United States and many more! Nona Asri’s mission is to introduce the culture of Indonesia to the world in order to build strong relationships with the various countries and Indonesia.

Nona Asri brings a entrancing feel to the World Folkfest with their unique style of music and dance. They perform with a variety of instruments which are not commonly known to Western culture. One such example is the Tifa. The Tifa is an instrument that is made of wood and tube. One of the sides of the Tifa is covered with animal skin that has been dried and attached to the instrument. The wood of the Tifa is typically carved with designs unique to Indonesia. This is only one example of the exciting culture and music they bring to the World Folkfest stage!