Germany – De Beekscheepers

Brautgesellschaft De Beekscheepers were officially founded in 1973 and are today one of the biggest folk dance groups in northern Germany. Since 1975 we organize the “Internationales Beeke-Festival” every two years. The group has been travelling a lot in the last decades and had the honor being cultural ambassadors in countries like: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Egypt, Israel, New Zealand…. The adult group wears the traditional “sunday costume” which in former times was only worn on special occasions. It reflects the colors of their region which are violet, green and black (representing the heather in blossoms, the meadows and the marshland). The youth group and the musicians wear the “working costume” of their ancestors which was worn for the daily work on the farms. It is still produced in the same way like their ancestors did it – dialing with indigo. The costumes we wear and the dances they show are about 200 to 300 years old and they  represent the time and culture of their ancestors.   Heidjer_Doerpsmuskanten Jugendgruppe_klein Erwachsene_gross Erwachsene_1Mai Doerpsmuskanten   For further information: