Belarus “Zorachka”

From the Eternal Capitol City of Minsk, the World Folkfest Welcomes, Ensemble “Zorachka”, proudly representing the beautiful and land locked country of, the Republic of Belarus.

Formed in 1963, Ensemble Zorachka has traveled the world representing the rich culture of Belarus, winning repeated prizes and notoriety. A unique blend of vocal, musical & choreographically run sections, Zorachka is proud to be Belarus’ first children and youth folk ensemble. “ Wherever “Zorachka” goes, it brings a difference in someone’s life, creates a feeling of a holiday of youth and beauty.”

A reality flat land, covered by beautiful forests, Belarus is bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Known as the land of potatoes, Belarus boasts over 300 potato recipes as well as the Soccer Team, BATE Borisov, the first Soccer team to make it through to the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.

Although officially declaring their sovereignty in 1990 and declaring independence in 1991, many Westerners mistake Belarus for a region in Russia, labeling it one of “Europe’s last dictatorship”. Boasting 9.5 million in populous, Belarus is the 86th most populated nation on earth being led by, President Alexander Lukashenko since 1994.
Ensemble “Zorachka” brings with them lively dances such as, “Zayats” a playful dance while jumping over sticks. As well as bringing an orchestra of accoridions, pipes, violins, straws, lyres, drum and Tsymblas, a National Belaruisan string instrument.