Austria – “Schuhplattlergruppe Zwischenwasser”

From the beautifully wooded Vorarlberg province, The World Folkfest Welcomes Schuhplattlergruppe Zwischenwasser, representing the Republic of Austria! Founded in 1968 by Modest Bachmann the twenty-five active dancers and shoe polishers of Schuhplattlergruppe Zwischenwasser are at home on both National and International stages. This summer they will bring the opulent traditions of Austria, preforming their twenty-three dance repertoire to the awaiting crowds in Springville, Utah.

Historically rich, Zwischenwasser belonged to Bavaria between 1805 – 1814, then returning to Austrian rule in 1861 and becoming part of the French Occupation Zone From 1945 – 1955.

Richly wooded, this area of Austria offers numerous outdoor activities such as, hiking, mountain biking and because of a floodlight system installed in a local ski area, night skiing is also a highlight of awaited adventure.

Grab some Knödel and clap along with the Traditional Schuhplattler dance, a high energy dance with high leaps and hand slaps.