Czechia – Matenik

Czechia 6 Folk Ensemble Matenik was founded in 1991 by the director Mrs. Petra Tuzilova at the age of 19.  Matenik means “confusing dance.”  In Czechia musicians in pubs tried to confuse skilled dancing couples by changing the rhythm of the dance from polka to waltzer and back again.  The ensemble practices once a week and takes part in a festival several times a year.  It also performs one major performance in a theater annually.  Matenik currently performs with the musical group Violka. Violka was founded in 2008 at Basic School of Arts in Prague.  It plays songs from Moravia and eastern Slovakia.  Violka soon became one of the best folk music bands in Czechia.  The group took first place in two folk music band competitions, and second place in a national competition.  Violka has been performing with Matenik since 2014.   Czechia 4Czechia 3Czechia 2Czechia 1Czechia 7Czechia 5