China “The Joy Dance Group”

The Joy Dance Group is located in Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the home of more than 21 million people. The group is non-governmental, amateur dance troupe that performs many varieties of Chinese national folk dances. Founded in 2005 by world-renowned dancer and choreographer Yi Song, the group consists of more than 50 dancers with diverse backgrounds ranging from doctors to lawyers and engineers. The group frequently performs throughout China as well as the various CIOFF international festivals.

In recent years, the group has performed at the Mengkalapake International Folk Art Festival in Portugal (2009), the Vera Dicko Mino International Folk Arts Festival in Italy (2011), the Gorry AdeH and the Sestu Karin de international Festival in Italy (2013), and the Katowice International Folk Art Festival (2014), and Poznan International Folk Art Festival (2017), both in Poland. The Joy Dance Group has been featured as a guest on Beijing TV’s “Happy Fitness” show.

The group is accompanied by Chinese traditional instruments that have been used for thousands of years including the Guzheng and the Guqin, both plucked instruments, and the Xun, an egg-shaped, holed wind instrument.